2017 Perth Race 1 – Stadium SUPER Trucks

2017 SST Perth Race 1, replaces prior upload that didn’t have the starting grid graphics. HUGE WRECK! #stadiumsupertrucks #trucks #motorsports.


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  1. I just watched Creed win the Iracings simulator video game on lucas oil off road racing series driving a pro 4 , kid got talent every where and is not sitting still waiting for this pandemic to end. Lots of racers are going to the Iracing simulater some of the channels to watch this races is Death by moose media and Rekles off road league.

  2. Announcers: The fastest qualifying laps get you put at the back of the pack

    My Crew: We made some suspension adjustments and you are going to fly around this track now; lay it out during qualifying

    Me, an intellectual: No, I dont think I will


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