FINAL 4 LAPS – 2019 Long Beach – Stadium SUPER Trucks Race 1

The Final 4 laps from 2019 Long Beach SST Race 1, Indy Car weekend. No Announcers, No Graphics, TRUCK NOISE ONLY and great battles between many …


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  1. Unbelievable. Every time I watch one of these Im further amazed by the limits or lack there of, of the trucks, and the skills of the drivers. Its like the old IROC series but awesome as opposed to shitty. How does anyone give this a thumbs down? Any ballpark idea of the top speed on the straights here at LB?

  2. Brabham deserved that win, classy driver, left plenty of racing room and respect for others, but when Creed shut the door on him one lap, Brabham was happy to return the favor on the next.


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